indiginous gin is the passionate adventure of good mates Simon Wilson and Chris Charteris. After 2 years of experimenting and scheming (and a bit of drinking) we have established our distillery on the site of the original Tuatara Brewery in the Reikorangi Valley on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. In the shadow of greatness, we are focussed on creating gin which delights those who drink it by delivering a smoothness and clarity of flavour that says, quite simply and honestly, 'THIS IS REALLY GOOD GIN'. Not flavoured vodka. Not some wannabee spirit that's seen a few juniper berries and some rare native bush plant extract that doesn't really smell like or taste like gin... in a really expensive bottle inside a really expensive box. No, that's not us. We ferment our own alcohol and distill in an 8 plate fractionating column still. The secret to our flavour profile comes from the yeast we use in fermentation and the balance of botanicals in distillation. We distill gin with a nose that says 'gin', loudly and clearly, and which makes a clear flavour statement served straight up as well as when served with tonic. And what's the 'indiginous' bit about? We do plan on this being a fun adventure, and we will be creating blends that showcase the different taste elements of the botanicals in our gins. We plan on travelling to the places that are the traditional homes of those ingredients and becoming a bit more familiar with them, as well as with the locals. Those places and people will be expressed on our bottles through the indigenous art of the places where our ingredients are sourced. We hope you'll enjoy drinking indiginous (responsibly of course) as much as we're enjoying making it. This, is our dream.

Cheers, Si and Chris

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